Bachelor of Business Management

 Bachelor of Business Management
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About This Course

The Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) degree programme is one of the premier programmes of the School of Business and Economics, Garissa University. It seeks to Develop competent managers for the increasingly competitive business environments. The BBM programme has attracted and graduated a large number of students over the last 19 Years. The comments from the industry about the graduates’ knowledge and skills have been Very impressive. The BBM programme was initially introduced in Garissa University in the School of business and Economics in 2013.

 Philosophy of the programme

The programme envision training and developing graduates that are Entrepreneurial, agents and managers of change, leaders and business development experts.

Rationale of the programme

The demand for Business Management professionals is continuously increasing as organizations expand and as new ones are started. With the growing complexity of the business environment, characterized both by competition and collaboration among businesses, social and political upheavals, and rapid change due to scientific and technological developments, managers of the 21st century should have a solid understanding of management from all the functional units and at the same time have a highly specialized perspective. They must also be able to address a wide range of opportunities and challenges facing their organizations. Moi University has been offering the business management degree since 1997 which have been market driven and graduates have been highly rated in the job market. The revision of BBM curriculum aimed at addressing how the graduates will manage the changes in the market dynamics and globalization.

Goal of the Programme

To provide students with knowledge, skills and attitude to meet evolving career requirements for managers in the private and public sectors.

Core Programme Learning Outcomes

The graduates of the BBM programme shall be able to:

1. Utilize the gained knowledge in management in public or private sector organizations.

2. Apply the broad range of managerial capabilities in the dynamic business environment.

3. Handle challenges in rapidly changing and globalized market.

4. Conduct business practices within acceptable legal and ethical framework.

5. Progress in the management profession and/or to higher level of study.


  • An applicant shall satisfy the entry requirements for BBM as stipulated by Moi University senate. However the regular government sponsored students are admitted upon meeting the requirements stipulated by the Joint Admission Board. The current admission requirements are-
  • 1. An applicant should have at least a mean grade of C+ (plus) and a C (plain) in both
  • Mathematics and English Language in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
  • (KCSE) or
  • 2. At least two principal passes and one subsidiary pass in Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) plus at least a pass in math and English at “O” level OR,
  • 3. Be a holder of a Diploma in Business studies validated by Commission for University Education (CUE) with at least a credit OR,
  • 4. Be a holder of a professional certificate in business studies recognized by CUE.
  • Credit transfer
  • Candidates may transfer relevant courses from other business studies degree programmes, diploma programmes or professional certificates.

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