Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Business Management

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The Diploma in Business Management course (DBM) is one of the courses of the School of Business and Economics, Garissa University. It intends to lay a foundation for the students who wish to join a degree programme and later advance their studies to higher levels. The course is structured such a way that it includes units or courses which capture areas that the job market demands in this global dynamic environment. Necessary academic subjects, consideration of ethical principles and general studies should influence decision-making in a competitive environment. The programme is also intended to provide students with professional foundation tailored to policy formulation and practice in Global scenario.

Objectives of Diploma in Business Management (DBM)

The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To provide a foundation for students who wish to pursue careers in the business.
  2. To build a reservoir of skilled manpower for national development.

 DBM Courses


First Semester Courses                                                                                     

DBM 01: Principles & Practice of Management                                                        

DBM02: Principles of Accounting                                                                              

DBM03: Introduction to Economics                                                                            

DBM04: Quantitative Skills                                                                                         

DBM05: Personnel Management                                                                                  

Second Semester

DBM06: Business Communication                                                                                

DBM07: Essentials of Marketing                                                                                   

DBM08: Financial Accounting1                                                                                     

DBM09: Stores & Materials Management                                                                     

DBM10: Computer Applications in Business                                                                 


First Semester Courses

DBM11: Business Law                                                                                                         

DBM12: Salesmanship                                                                                                          

DBM13: Costs & Financial Accounting                                                                                

DBM14: Business Research Methods                                                                                     

DBM15: Entrepreneurship Education                                                                                      

Second Semester Courses

DBM16: Public Relations                                                                                                          

DBM17: Office Administration                                                                                                  

DBM18: Introduction to Cooperative Management                                                                   

DBM19: Introduction Financial Management                                                                            

DBM20: Marketing Management                                                                                                


  • For an applicant to qualify for admission into this programme one should have attained a Minimum mean grade of C- , with C- in English/Kiswahili, D+ in mathematics, or accounting, Economics, Business Studies, commerce or any other qualifications recognized by Garissa University senate.

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