Department of Business and Economics

Department of Business and Economics

The department of business and Economics is the only departments in the School of Business and Economics and it offers the following competitive courses. 

  • PhD in Business Management (Accounting, Finance. Strategic management, Marketing and Human Resource management) to be introduced soon. 
  • Master of Business Administration (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and Strategic Management Options)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Option, Human Resource and Banking 


  • Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Arts Economics
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management
  • Certificate in Business Management

The department of Business Management offers industry-oriented programmes designed to help students prepare themselves for service in the broad field of business by applying sound business principles and business related information technology as either creative employees or entrepreneurs by being able to combine knowledge, skills and experiences to recognize opportunities, identify alternative solutions, make choices and implement decisions in effective management of organizations today. Our courses are carefully designed to prepare aspiring professionals for a successful career in Human Resource management and Economics. The fundamental drivers in Business and Economics include interdisciplinary, experiential and technological approaches to learning for the promotion of cutting age entrepreneurship, innovation and research. Our team of qualified and experienced staff has expertise in various specializations across the Business spectrum. This team ensures that learners are exposed to practical and theoretical experiences, relevant skills, competences, knowledge and mind-sets that are necessary to cope with complexities in their chosen specializations.

Objectives of the department of Business Management

  1. Becoming a reservoir of knowledge by engaging in teaching, research, consultancy and community outreach.
  2. To facilitate staff capacity development through recommendations for training and scholarships opportunities for at least one departmental staff per year.
  3. To participate in at least one community outreach service and/or Management and Marketing consultancy annually.
  4. To continuously develop and review our curriculum to meet customer needs at least every four years.
  5. To increase the student’s admission/enrolment 10% in all programs annually through intensive marketing.
  6. Provide an environment that nurtures excellence and high standards of professionalism in teaching, learning, research and community service
  7. Departmentalize quality assurance practices in planning, implementation and evaluation of the university’s core function in order to meet the set goals.
  8. To guarantee 75% progression and graduation of students on annual basis.
  9. To provide effective and efficient quality service delivery for both students and lecturers by adhering the following:
  • Lectures attendance at 80%.
  • Regular Continuous Assessment Catz a minimum of 2 per semester as per the University almanac.
  • Adherence to course outline and course coverage by 95% in line with the course structure and curriculum.
  • Moderation and Supervision of examination by 100%
  • Compliance to the integrity of examination by 100%
  1. To maintain fees revenue collection above 90% every semester to support the university as income generating unit (IGU).

We are committed to embrace principles of governance and endeavours to demonstrate high academic standards and professionalism while advancing both the vision and mission in the service to community.