Name: Dr Samuel Nyambega Nyang’au

  Designation: Senior Lecturer, School of Business & Economics

  Academic Qualifications: Ph.D. from the Institute of banking and finance, Bundelkhand university.


Dr.Samwel Nyambega Nyang’au earned his PhD from the institute of banking and finance,bundelkhand university in 2006 having researched on the world bank and poverty alleviation in developing countries with special reference to Kenya. He is a Dean, School of Business & Economics, sbe University. He previously lectured at St. Augustine University of Tanzania (Mwanza main Campus), Kampala International University (Dares salaam Campus) , Tanzania, as Head of social science department and a lecturer of tax policy and government expenditure, international trade and finance, international business economics, monetary economics, managerial economics, international economics and public finance. He later served as a Chair as well as lecturer at the school of postgraduate and research in the same University. He also lectured in Bugema University (Uganda) and Maseno University (Kenya). Prior to that, he was a principal as well as a lecturer in Elgonview College (Kenya). He had also taught in some schools in India. From January 2011 to December 2011, he had served as a member in the following committees in Kampala International University: research committee, curriculum review and development committee, admissions committee and the academic board committee. Currently he is a member of the British council management forum and associate editor (International Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences Research). Between 1999 and 2002, he was awarded a partial doctoral study grant by the Indian Council of Social Science Research for the study of PhD. He has published papers in internationally peer review journals. He has also presented papers in international conferences. His current research areas centre on development economics and poverty in Africa.